When an estate or trust is being administered, the parties sometimes come into conflict as to what constitutes a proper distribution of assets.

Disputes typically involve challenges over the validity of a will or trust document, the duties of executors or trustees, the rights of beneficiaries, or the rights of spouses.

Disputes are often based on allegations of:
  • Undue influence
  • Incompetency
  • Changes to a will or trust
  • Improper conduct of Executors, Trustees or agents under a financial power of attorney

We understand that the personal nature of these disputes can often create family conflict and significantly affect your financial future.

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Whether representing your interests before a clerk in the estates division or in Superior Court, the attorneys at Jones Branz & Whitaker LLP will provide personal service and dedication to your matter. We represent beneficiaries, executors, trustees, and other potentially interested parties in all facets of these disputes. We also represent parties in breach of fiduciary duty actions.