Trust Administration

We assist individual and corporate Trustees with the administration of trusts. Proper administration of the trust is necessary to carry out the wishes of the creator of the trust and to avoid liability for the Trustee. Many individuals who are appointed as Trustee have limited experience with such matters. A Trustee has a variety of duties, including collecting and managing trust assets, filing tax returns, and distributed assets to the beneficiaries in accordance with the terms of the trust.

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A Trustee owes a duty to the beneficiaries of the trust. Because a Trustee may be held liable for improper administration of a trust, we encourage Trustees to seek the guidance of an attorney early in the process rather than waiting until one or more problems arise.

Trust Modification

Occasionally a trust no longer serves the purposes for which it was created or needs to be altered to meet the needs of its beneficiaries.Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible to amend or terminate a trust.The trust instrument itself may provide a means for altering the terms of the trust.In other cases, it may be possible to modify a trust by obtaining the permission of a court or through an agreement of the trust beneficiaries.

We can assist in identifying situations in which it may be beneficial to modify a trust and in determining the procedure for achieving the modification.